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How To Start An Automated $1,000 Per Month Business by Dane Maxwell

How To Start An Automated $1,000 Per Month Business by Dane Maxwell
30x MP4 video + 2x MP3 + 21x PDF | 1.8 GB

How To Start A $1,000 Per Month Business On The Side In 60 Days Or Less... In 5 to 10 Hours A Week. Without Having To Change Your Lifestyle. Start Even If You Don't Have Any Product Ideas, Or Prior Experience.

Beginners Are Welcome.

Would you like the chance be part of an extremely limited test pilot program... that will help you make $1,000 per month on the side?
The last pilot program I ran was 4 years ago, and The Foundation was born from it.
This opportunity likely won't happen again for another few years.
This is a chance for you to work closely with me and get personal guidance.
If you're interested in owning a $1,000 per month business on the side, and you have 5 to 10 hours per week, this course is perfect for you.
This program starts October 8th, and runs for 60 days.

Where can your life be by December 8th just before christmas?
My good friend Nick runs this business in a box you're about to learn and earns an automatic $4,000 a month with only $50 per month in expenses. $3950 in profit.
He's a full time employee who loves his job, but wants the extra income on the side so his wife can stay at home and take care of their baby. Maybe you don't have a wife or a baby. But the point is... you can do whatever you want

This is one of the most profitable small businesses I know of.

Here's how it will work:

Do you know the greatest problem all business owners face?
Getting customers.
You'll learn an extremely simple strategy to help businesses get customers. You'll use this strategy to help business owners get more customers and make more money. Automated. Month-in, month-out.
You'll be in the business of customer acquisition.
You will be applying direct response marketing principles to local area businesses to make fast cash.

What is direct response marketing?
A unique form of highly profitable marketing that directly asks people to take an action. Once you learn this skill you can help businesses make lots of money easily. This is what you will be learning.

I will be showing you how to take basic internet marketing strategies to explode local area businesses, where you can collect an automated income stream.

You will get an entire business in a box.

Step 1 - You join and take the first lesson on how to find and get customers when you have nothing.
Step 2 - You implement the first lesson and start getting customers.
Step 3 - You own a $1,000 per month business.
Step 4 - You take the further lessons to expand your income even more.
Step 5 - Receive weekly webinars to get your questions answered for 60 days.
At the end of the day, you will be learning skills to make money on demand at anytime. You will learn the skills of automatic income. You will never have to worry about money again.

This program will last for 60 days. 2 months.
You can start this business in a weekend, but there is more to do after that.

Here's more of what you will learn and do:

Month 1 - A focus on getting your first customers and earning $1,000 a month.

Month 2 - A focus on getting results for your new customers so they keep paying you, and expanding your income.

The future of the course
We plan to build up to 8 different tracks for starting a $1,000 per month business.

1. Automated businesses (takes a little longer to get cash, like 60 days)

2. Semi automated (takes less time, like 30 days)

3. No automation (takes no time, make nearly instant cash)

Each track will be perfect for where you are at. The course will start with Automated Businesses for the first 100.

If you'd like to stay in the program as we add new content and tracks you can stay for the $99 a month after 60 days. You can be apart of the initial cohort

The Catch
You might be wondering why we're doing this and why we're limiting it to 100 people. Let me explain...

The only way to work personally with me is to join The Foundation. We mentor 400-600 students per year in that program. It costs $5,000 to join. But there's a problem we keep seeing...

Many people want to join us, but don't have the experience or the cash to get started. That's why we wanted to test building a program for new entrepreneurs.

This is a pilot. This is the first time we're teaching this specific content. That means we'll be creating all of the content with you, on the fly, responding to exactly what problem you're facing the moment you're facing it.

It will be co-created together. It's based off existing businesses rooted in years of direct response marketing.

What do I get with this course?
The outcome is a $1,000 per month business. You'll get everything you need from A to Z to do that.
This includes videos, PDFs, coaching calls, scripts, templates, access to the community.
Including 7 weekly calls every Thursday at 5PM PST, 8PM Eastern with Dane except for Thanksgiving week. Webinars are recorded and uploaded for viewing by the next day.

Can I do this business model virtually from anywhere and work with clients from anywhere?
You are not limited to your geographic location. It is completely online. If you want to work with local businesses in your area, you are welcome too.

I'm concerned with the legal issues, are you going to be scraping emails and spamming people in this course?
No, we will not be teaching this method. We will use different tactics to get clients. We want this product to work with 10,000 students eventually. So we will be building the program to be ultimately scalable. It will be a challenge and we will need your help.

Everything is legal and above board and awesome.

How much more money will I need beyond the initial $999 investment?
Maybe $100 max. I've started these businesses with less than $20.

What is the general overview of this program?
You'll be among 100 students learning how to become customer acquisition experts for local businesses. You'll use these skills to help solve the single biggest problem all business owners face. Getting customers.
You'll be taught over 8 weeks every Thursday at 5PM Pacific. The first 30 minutes of the webinar will be exact tactics and strategies and how to for you to implement. The next 30 minutes will be Q&A. All webinars will be recorded and available the next day.
You'll get access to go at your own pace inside. You'll have access to the videos at anytime and the community for two months to get support and questions answered at anytime. After that, community access is $99 a month, opt out at anytime.
You won't have to make a product. You won't need anything other than to use the system we give you.
Once you know how to do this you'll hold the holy grail. Getting customers.

To teach this to you, you'll follow this process:

1. Pick a niche.

2. Get customers in that niche.

3. Plug in the unique lead gen model we provide you.

4. Test, refine, measure results, and automate it.

5. Grow your income.

What is your vision and motivation for putting this program together?
This will likely become the entry level product for The Foundation.

Vision: To help anyone who wants to make more money without having to drastically change their lifestyle. Right now The Foundation is just for entrepreneurs. We want to help employees make extra income on the side too.

Motivation: To have everyone see the potential of themselves by starting a $1,000 per month business. Then watch their desire grow into entrepreneurship. And then create more freedom for others.

What are the objectives and visions for this product line?

This product is focused on:

- Solving the problem of customer acquisition for businesses. You'll make good money learning how to do this.

- Going deep with helping businesses with Web 4.0 lead generation and automation strategies.

- Helping already established successful businesses with traffic convert more leads.

When we set out to make this product... we wanted it to address the following items:

- The income is automatic, monthly, and scalable.

- Anyone regardless of skills, background, or expertise could start.

- Perfect for beginners and first timers in business.

- Can earn 6 figures extra on the side in your spare time, without changing your lifestyle.

- Start with less than $100 in investment capital.

- Can have your first customer conversation within a week of getting started.

- Don't have to build a product or be an expert at anything.

- Gets results quickly for both the customer and the business owner.

- Is a repeatable process that can be used over and over by thousands of people, and still make the world a better place.

The business has one inherent limitation:

- It is difficult to scale to the millions. It's more in the 6 figure range. This is a stepping stone to millions, but don't expect the course to get you there.

Who This $1,000 / Month Program Is For
Beginners who are just dipping their toe into the world of entrepreneurship. This might be your first crack at getting your first customer. You want the tactics and hand holding of tell me exactly what to do. People who want to generate a few thousand a month.
The goal is to get results as quickly as possible. The results being cashflow. Not necessarily the vision for having a long term business.

How Is This Different From The Foundation?
The Foundation is a deeply committed community. You must be screened to get in. You have a track record of success in your business or career. You have to be committed to entrepreneurship for life.

You must be committed to a total 6 month transformation of your identity and what you believe about the world and who you are. The Foundation is for people who want entrepreneurship more than anything and are willing to put in the work to get there.

The Foundation is a 6 month program of 6 phases, with multiple teachers for each phase. A networking community of 1,500 seriously committed people around the world. Your business will likely have slower cash flow in the beginning because you reinvest your cash, but over the long term you build serious income and equity.

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Russell Brunson: The Underachiever Formula

Russell Brunson: The Underachiever Formula
9x MP4 + 5x FLV +  14x MP3 + 52x PDF | 2.3 GB

The Underachiever Formula for Creating Foolproof Products By Russell Brunson, the Overnight Success Maker

Before I jump into the “hows” of finding out what people in your market want, I want to recap the three simple steps of the Underachiever Formula. They are: first, find a hot market, second, ask them what they want, and third, give it to them.

The second step in the Underachiever Formula after you’ve found your hot market, is to find out what they want. This unfortunately is the step that almost everyone skips. For some reason, many marketers think they know what people want to buy, but rarely do I see people hit home runs when they skip this step.
This step can be broken down into two simple things: your flycatcher page and your “ASK” campaign.
Underachiever product creation

Your “ASK” campaign is the process of sending visitors to fill out the flycatcher page to find out exactly what your target market wants. The fastest way to get people to fill out your survey is to find a forum where your target market is congregating and tell them that you are creating a new product – and if they will fill out a quick, one-question survey, then you will give them a copy of your product for free when it’s finished.
The goal is to get about 100 people to fill out the survey. You can then take the responses you receive and use them in a few ways.

Answer the Questions: When you are ready to create your product, you can take the questions you received and simply answer them. This is the easiest way to give your customers exactly what they want.Use the Questions in Your Sales Copy: When you create your sales letter, you will turn those questions into bullet points. For example, if someone asked you, “what’s the best way to train your parrot how to speak?” you will turn that into a bullet point in your sales letter that says, “Discover the best ways to teach your parrot how to speak!”Find Out What they want so you can give it to them:

The most important reason to ask your target market what they want is so you will know what they want. Let me give you an example. When we started to create our product “How To Overcome Pornography” we thought that the people we were selling to were men who had pornography addictions. What we found out after we started to run our “ASK” campaign was that the people who were looking to buy our products were not the men. It was wives and mothers of people who had pornography addictions and were looking for information on how to stop. Just think how much different our sales message and our product became after we found out who our real customers were.

I have a close friend who had a product that taught students how to get a college scholarship. He tried for months to sell the product, but couldn’t get any traction. He was about to give up when he had a thought. “I wonder if the parents of the high school kids would want to buy this product.”

So he changed the sales letter to be written to the parent instead of the students and almost overnight his product became a huge success.

One of the other benefits of running an “ASK” campaign is if no one will fill out your survey, then you will know that the market you wanted to go after isn’t looking for that information. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people who spend months creating products and find out later that no one wants to buy them.

These are the four major questions that your “ASK” campaign will answer for you:

Who should you be selling to?What do they actually want?What are their pain points?What words do they use to describe it?

Now, after I have the questions back from my “ASK” campaign, I am going to use those questions to create my system outline or table of contents. What normally happens is from the 100 responses you get back, you are going to get eight to 10 core questions from your audience.

I then take these eight to 10 questions and turn them into chapter or module titles. After you have this outline, it becomes very easy to create your product. If you’re writing a book, just answer the questions in each chapter. If you’re making an audio or video product, each module is simply you answering the questions that your market has asked you.

Next time I’ll be discussing step three – how to give them exactly what they want!

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Perry Marshall - Autoresponder Conversion Bootcamp

Perry Marshall - Autoresponder Conversion Bootcamp
 6x MP4 video + 8x MP3 + 21x PDF | 1.1 GB

Why Even a GREAT Sales Letter Alone (Or Even Video) Doesn't Sell Enough in 2016 ...and How Autoresponder Specialist John Fancher and I Will Multiply the Power of Your Existing Sales Letter 1.5X to 5X in the Next 45 Days

My Power Autoresponder Strategy Can Boost Your Sales and Profits in Just 30-45 Days. Maybe Even 7 Days. If You Have Any Kind of "Real" Business on the Internet, I Guarantee it. Here's How...
Dear Online Marketing Professional:

Real quick - let me show you the power of the right Autoresponder strategy - how it can turn your business around in just ONE WEEK.

Bryan Todd and I performed an experiment: We drove Google traffic straight to a sales page (Purple) and to an Opt-In page. A true split test, to determine the effectiveness of an Autoresponder Sequence.

We split the traffic 50/50 and added up the cumulative Visitor Value over a span of 8 days. This Autoresponder drove people BACK to the very same sales letter over a period of time. As you can see, on the first day, the Sales Letter slays the opt-in, 4:1. (You also see the herky-jerky variations of luck, which evens out by the 8th day.)

We're asking people to buy, and they buy. The version where people get to sample the information via email starts out slow. But look what happens: Over a period of just a few days, the Autoresponder picks up speed. On Day 4, the Autoresponder surpasses the sales letter. By Day 8, the Autoresponder outsells the sales letter by 91%.

And remember... that's just Day 8. This tells you nothing about what you'll accomplish by Day 21 or 30 or 90 or Day 365. One thing I can assure you, though: It only gets better. Last year I had a customer who'd never bought a single thing from me in three years. Suddenly she spent $7,000 in four months. That's the power of Autoresponders: drip, drip, drip...

Does it seem like the performance of your promotions is declining in effectiveness no matter how great the sales copy is, and how great your promotion?

You're not alone. The economy is in the tank, trust is at an all-time low, and people are hanging on to their wallets like never before. The player who earns the most trust, the fastest, is the person who will prevail in the current climate. Even as their rivals flounder and eventually go down for the third time.

If you're going to prosper in this economy, it's going to take more than a great sales letter or promotion. It demands a strategy where, no matter how bad things are, your customers gladly look forward to receiving your emails every single day.

Those emails now need to work like a tractor beam, tirelessly and irresistibly drawing them towards you. Consider the power of a well-engineered Autoresponder system:>

Jonathan Mizel once told me, "Every message I add to the end of my autoresponder sequence gives me a $10,000 raise." A powerful principle is at work there.

Dr. Glenn Livingston is known for his extraordinary market research. Succeeding in 14 markets out of 14, a 100% success rate - unheard of even in Harvard Business School;

Yet the silent, uncelebrated secret to Dr. Livingston's success is: autoresponders. He crafts dozens of laser-targeted messages that tirelessly work for him. Glenn builds and extraordinary level of trust, quietly, stealthily, reliably, building his fortune... automatically.

Last summer at a mastermind meeting, Dr. Livingston told us, "If a guy's been getting great content from me for 2 years, he feels as though he knows me: then suddenly him paying me $1000 an hour for a phone consultation is no problem."
Today, no sales letter stands on its own. Fully 2/3rds of your effectiveness is in the follow-up you build around it.

Bottom Line: The right autoresponder strategy can 2x your sales.

So before you chase after yet-another social media strategy or hire some company from Manila to write you 67 poorly plagiarized blog articles, I would like to suggest that the fastest path to demolishing your market is a properly built Power Follow-Up Sequence.

Which is why I'm giving a unique Autoresponder Conversion Boot Camp, with silky-smooth copywriter John Fancher. If you achieve optimum quantity and quality of contact, you will achieve a superior level of traction with your customers. No one will be able to equal your magnetism or your reach. Rivals will be completely at your mercy.

This also adds a comforting element of stability to your whole business. If you have a 1-year autoresponder sequence and suddenly you lose all your traffic for a week (let's say your rankings suddenly drop or your ads get disapproved), your sales won't drop to zero. They may hardly drop at all, at least in the short term.

To the extent that such an interruption does impact your sales, you may in fact be able to compensate by hitting your list the very next day with a special offer, and you experience no loss at all. This will only be effective, however, if you've built the level of trust and rapport that a well-designed Autoresponder strategy can give you.

My Secret Email Formula, Explained:

In this Boot Camp I'm going to digest, de-construct and teach my entire approach to email and autoresponders to you, including a detailed examination of my own sales funnels and the hidden psychology behind them.

You'll get a file with every major autoresponder sequence in my sales funnel, every single email, the exact day those messages are delivered, and a look at how the various funnels are interleaved to create maximal customer involvement.

21 Email Strategies that hit pay dirt with customers FAST - I'll cover all these techniques during the Autoresponder & Email Marketing Boot Camp:

An email that elevates a prospect to a sales "disqualification" interview where you determine, with great speed, if you have any realistic chance of doing business together. If so, the customer must then vie for YOUR attention - pressing you to do business with him. An ingenious reversal.

A 100% counter-intuitive email message that builds trust by pushing customers AWAY from you, maybe even towards their competitors - and magically credentializes you as the most confident, most authoritative player in your game.

My #1 plan of attack for combating massive information overload in our over-communicated world. In the last 15 years we've gone from 50 channels to 50 million channels. How do you get heard, understood and remembered? It IS possible and it's in Template #3.

Emotionally bond with customers and prospects: Drive a deep connection in a space of 30-60 seconds! then with that bond, distance yourself from the lumbering, stupid herd and bleating sheep and bring your customer right along with you.

100% Counter-Intuitive strategy #2: A tool I employ about 1-2X per month that strengthens my connection with customers, distinguishes me from almost all other gurus, and strengthens trust. Pulls me directly into their inner sanctum. It will work just as well for you and requires NO special skills of any kind, and is built on an asset you already DO have but probably never recognized before now.

"Me, the greatest of all fools" (and on some days, it's the righteous truth): Did you know that your biggest and most tragic mistakes are not only a launch pad for your greatest successes, they can magnify the impact of your sales message. You get a template and reference examples for creating your hypnotic copy your customers have ever gotten from you.

How to turn an ordinary phone call on an ordinary day into a high-impact teaching moment that tirelessly works for you 24/7/365 for years

How to take a single email that you got from a prospect or customer just within the last 24 hours and convert it into fast sales to your entire list - and my "muscle memory" blueprint for punching the emotion level UP for max impact

How to design your sales funnel to accommodate those who want the drip-drip-drip of Chinese Water Torture, yet also engages the ones who want to drink water from a fire hose, FAST. (This is CRUCIAL. On my own email list I have people who get an email every month or two. I have people who get 1-2 emails almost every day. And EVERY level of involvement in-between. For the most part no two interested people who subscribed to my email list six months ago got the same emails from me. What they got was customized to their tastes, preferences and actions - and they didn't even know it. This is the secret to a hot, profitable email list that is largely independent of economic or market conditions.

The supreme leverage of LIES - other peoples' lies. How to expose them and render the con man stark naked: The emperor has no clothes. He is buck naked and his right testicle hangs just a little lower than his left! How to embarrass and humiliate the perpetrators and send them fleeing in shame; you can use this to multiply your credibility and reputation in an environment where trust is otherwise at an all-time low. This will enable you to promote nearly everything you sell in a vacuum. (DESPITE the fact that Britney Spears and Paintball and all your competitors and everyone else in the world is only one click away.)

How to take your OWN worst fear - of things you'd be utterly horrified to say to your very own customers - and do a complete 180. You'll see how this reliably generates the most persuasive, highest-impact email messages you've ever delivered to your audience, and it's EASY. Fast. Formulaic. Remarkable.
You're leaving 75% of YOUR money on the table if you only have one email list. How to fix this problem in 2 weeks or less, with ease and simplicity.

A system that automatically adjusts the level of contact to your customers' attention span, so that everyone gets the amount of information they can absorb. No more, no less. A perfect match for everyone.
The secret reason why out of all the "power users" of InfusionSoft - prominent, well known authors, speakers and gurus, including some really famous ones - I get less spam complaints than anyone else
The Holy Grail of marketing is: A list of people who look forward to opening every email you send them. My philosophy of email marketing; laying the all-important foundation of respect, and why email is truly the center of the Internet universe.
How you can upload a stack of autoresponder messages without writing a single thing
The ideal relationship between your email list and your blog - and how to build a huge email list even in a skeptical, email-resistant, over-crowded market.
How to do my most-favorite thing: Take two seemingly unrelated ideas and seamlessly marry them. Recent example:
Subject: The Power of Chinese Water Torture

"Chinese Water Torture" is the term I affectionately use to describe the drip-drip-drip of a great autoresponder.

A powerful autoresponder carves deep grooves in your marketplace. It leaves permanent, indelible marks.

Chinese Water Torture eventually gave us the Grand Canyon. It will give YOU the Grand Canyon, too.

There's an old saying that you have to tell somebody something 7 times before they remember it. That's probably true.

7 times is what it takes when it's something simple.

What about if it's complicated?

What if it requires some kind of significant adjustment in someone's personal or business life?

What if they're not going to do anything until some change occurs in their life and there's no way to predict when that may happen?

Then an autoresponder is your best friend.

If you have a long autoresponder sequence, time is on your side.

The other day Glenn Livingston commented to me: "Most people greatly over-estimate what they can do in 1 year.

And they greatly UNDER-estimate what they can do in 5 years.

Amen, brother.

Most people quit about 200 feet before the finish line.

Most people load up 2-3 followup messages. They don't sculpt them for maximum persuasion and they don't realize how close they are to victory. They stop, ten minutes from Triumph.

Everybody thinks of me as the Google Adwords guy, and yes, AdWords is the #1 way I collected the raindrops.

But Autoresponders are what gave me my Grand Canyon...

Look at all the crazy word pictures I threw in there: Chinese Water Torture, the Grand Canyon, Races, Finish Lines. People ask me: "How do you do this? You blend all these ideas together and it makes your emails so intriguing." During the coaching calls I will take this apart and show you how this actually becomes a formula. I'll walk you through examples where I string multiple seemingly unrelated things together and make a powerful, surprising point at the end.

"The Perry Marshall Magic." Roundtable Member Jamie Bridges is a Real Estate Coach in Southern California. His partner says to him, "James, send out another one of those Perry Marshall emails to the list." There's a particular spark of inspiration that those emails contain. Is it Voodoo? Is it The Force? No, it's a path that you can feel your way through. I'll bestow upon you the magic walking stick that leads you down that path.

A swipe file of the most effective email blasts I've ever sent. Most of them are NOT Autoresponder messages, or at least they weren't originally. But they generated an enormous response and I'll share them with you in the coaching program. Discover the psychology of an email that gets amazing results.
An embarrassing list of subtle but fatal mistakes almost all marketers make. I'll show you how to tell a true email pro from a wanna-be and this list will make YOU an email pro too.
Oh yeah, and Seamless Sales Transitions: How do you tell a story that perfectly, harmoniously segues to a sales message that's not offensive but instead is actually intriguing and provokes curiosity? How do you make an emotional deposit and then sell without making a withdrawal?

This is a major component of my alchemy formula. It's why people unsubscribe from other lists and stay on mine.

A Sales Letter Stores Only ONE FOURTH of Your Story-Telling Power

COPY IS STORED ENERGY. When the right person hits your page, even YEARS later, a chemical reaction takes place, and money is exchanged.

Still, even if you try, you cannot fit everything you'd like into your sales letter. It couldn't all possibly fit and still be organized. Most of my customers sell sophisticated products and highly capable services. There are probably dozens of stories you could tell, and almost no one is going to read them all at once.

You have rarely said everything that you really needed to say, or could say. Even a 20-pager only tells the main part of the story. If you can tell those other tidbits in an interesting way, in time you'll have an opportunity to cover every base, every objection, every reason for buying.

Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead: A study in cult-following acquisition skills

Years Ago Dan Kennedy Famously Said, "One Good Sales Letter Can Furnish You with a Comfortable Lifestyle for Years."
This is almost true. True enough that I would say about half my income during the last five years is directly attributable to 4 or 5 sales letters. Believe me, there is definitely such a thing as a million dollar sales letter. I've written several.

But a sales letter working alone is like an 8-cylinder engine with half the spark plugs yanked out. The part that gets left unsaid is the supporting elements. Naturally you have to have a traffic source.

Google ads, organic listings, affiliates, whatever. But especially email. The trust-building touches, the spice and personality, the varied angles you take with your sales message. The STORIES.

The secret reason why this is true: Have you ever met, say, a music fan who knew "everything" about, say, Jerry Garcia or Jimi Hendrix or Jimmy Buffet? They know literally a thousand stories about the guy.

How did they pick up all those stories?

One at a time.

(OK, maybe ten or twelve with a bunch of other Dead Heads driving home from a concert.) But mostly those stories were absorbed in little dribbles. There is NO SUCH THING as a Jerry Garcia biography that contains all those stories. It's only got the best ones. But raving fans want to hear ALL the stories.

Not all at once, but while they're scratching the Grateful Dead itch, while the itch is happening. The marketing equivalent to raving fans is what I call the hyper-responsive customer. This is the customer who buys everything, reads everything, goes to everything, does everything.

The cover of Garcia's debut solo album. Cryptic symbols give raving fans stuff to gossip about - for decades.

This is only 2-5% of your customers, but if you treat them properly they produce 50% of your income. They are your power base. And autoresponders are uniquely capable of communicating your own "Jerry Garcia" stories.

They feed your fans. The beautiful thing about email is, you can nudge your hyper-responsive customers and stimulate their itch at will. And you can do this on an automated schedule. This is why Autoresponders confer so much power to you.

The Boot Camp includes:

Two live 1-hr webinar sessions hosted by Perry Marshall; these will guarantee you get started right and that all your questions are answered by the end. 1st webinar kicks off May 31!
Three in-depth 2-hour+ instant-access training modules where Autoresponder Specialist John Fancher and I take you step-by-step through the autoresponder process
Invisible Streams e-book by Perry Marshall, Rod Brant and Drew Bischof
You'll get 10 email persuasion templates
My swipe file of 175 proven emails from my own sales funnel - you'll see exactly how they're all put together
Access to 3 Months of Team Action Group Coaching Calls Hosted by John Fancher. 30 Minutes of Instruction, 30 Minutes of Q&A. John goes deep with you on a foundational principle of email marketing and then takes your questions.

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Bartley Madden - Value Creation Thinking (ebook)

Bartley Madden - Value Creation Thinking (ebook, 2016)

"In a world where short-term thinking has taken hold for too many managers and investors, Value Creation Thinking provides a much needed perspective on the key drivers of long-term value.

Madden unites the fundamentals of financial valuation with a unique emphasis on corporate purpose, culture, and knowledge. Based on decades of research and practice, Value Creation Thinking sheds light on enduring sources of competitive advantage and exposes how traditional business thinking and accounting practices often distract managers and investors from sustained performance.

By speaking the language of both shareholders and stakeholders, Madden provides an important contribution to our understanding of capitalism at a critical moment, and an illuminating roadmap for the future of business."

Author: Bartley Madden
Publish Year: 2016
Number of pages: 210
eBook ISBN: 0988596954, 0988596962
Language: English
Format: EPUB, PDF
Size: 3.2 MB

Download Link:

Category: Finance

Ryan Deiss - Native Ad Academy

Ryan Deiss - Native Ad Academy
168x MP4 video + 27x PDF | 7 GB

Over the next 28 Days my team and I will walk you through an in-depth 6 module training and help you craft your "Native-Ready" content, get your some IMMEDIATE test traffic and build you a Traffic-Getting machine that drives cheap, targeted clicks for months and YEARS to come!

This Training Includes...
Creating Native-Worthy Content

Leveraging Facebook's Native Ad Platform

Leveraging Twitter's Native Ad Platform

Leveraging YouTube and LinkedIn

Leveraging Recommended Content Platforms

Advanced Tactics and "Sneaky Tricks"

FB Adpower
Whale Method
Video Sales Letter Formula

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Startup Hunt: How to Invest in America's Next Top Startups

 Startup Hunt: How to Invest in America's Next Top Startups
145x MP4 video | 1.02 GB

 The Startup Hunt: Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs & Investors

 Founders: Create your own billion-dollar startup companies.

Investors: Get access to invest in seed, series A and early-stage, mega-hits.

To help entrepreneurs and founders build the next billion-dollar companies; to help investors profit by early investing in future IPOs and founders like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and J.K Rowling. This investing course, and our company, Angel Kings, will help you get to the next level. Whether you’ve got a business idea you want to pursue, or you’ve got the money to invest, we’ll guide you through every step of startups, until you’re ready to IPO. From the term sheet, financials, to how to negotiate your first deal, this course contains everything you need to get started investing. **Book purchase is required. **

“The most comprehensive course for founders and investors, wanting to build great companies for future generations.”

About the Course:

In this comprehensive 4-week boot camp, entrepreneurs and founders (like you) will learn how to create the next big-company – the next billion-dollar empire – while early-stage investors will get inside access to learn how to invest in the next big IPOs and future billion-dollar companies.

Official Course Instructions

In order to receive your official course certificate and letter of recommendation, you must complete the following weekly instructions.

You can complete this course at your own pace, faster or slower, whichever you choose.

For founders, you must complete these lessons to receive your certificate.
For investors, we highly recommend you also complete these instructions, but you’re free to simply watch and learn from the videos.
All questions within these lessons are located in the Course Overview document.

Week 1: How to Find the Next Billion-Dollar Founders & Future Icons (People)

Read Part 1 of our bestselling book, Kings Over Aces. If you haven’t received your exclusive signed copy, you will need to purchase a copy on Amazon (Author: Ross Blankenship, title "Kings Over Aces" Second Edition).
Download the official course syllabus and overview.
Review and take notes on Part 1 of videos. You should watch these videos over the course of 3 to 5 days and re-review at least two times to understand the fundamentals of startup investing.
Visit our Startup Rankings site, which you can find at our Angel Kings (website) and choose your favorite startup.
Based on the startup you’ve chosen, answer questions from the course syllabus on Part 1: People.
Complete Part 1 Quiz.

Week 2: The “Product Hunt”: Which products become billion-dollar empires… and why? (Products)

Read Part 2 of Kings Over Aces focusing on Top Startups.
Review videos and take notes on Part 2. Use examples from the startup company you’ve chosen.
Select a startup from the past that has failed (examples from the book) and explain why in 500 words or less you believe they weren’t able to succeed. What would you have done differently? Include in the quiz below (Please Email answers to invest(at)

Answer all questions from Part 2 of the course syllabus and complete the Quiz.

Week 3: How to Build a Scalable Process & Startup Traction to Become a Billion-Dollar Company & The Startup Financials: How to Best Understand the Economics and Control of the Term Sheet Deal.

Read the the remainder of Kings Over Aces.
Download an official “Term Sheet” online using Y-Combinator's "SAFE Agreement" which you can search for online.
Scenario: complete the term sheet filling in all relevant information on a convertible note based on the startup you chose in Part 1/Week 1. Upload this term sheet using the form below.
Complete the Quiz on Part 3 & 4 below.
Week 4: Bonus Section – Top Resources to Help Founders Build Profitable Startups & Our Investors Maximize Profits.

Re-review videos in Part 2 & 3. You should watch these at least two times and be able to demonstrate full knowledge when asked.
Find the best pitch deck (online) you’ve ever seen… (it could be yours) and email us with reasons why you believe this company will succeed, what things stand out the most in the pitch deck, and what’s missing…if anything.
***Once you’ve completed the course and submitted all quizzes for review, you’ll receive your certificate and letter of recommendation within 48 hours.***

What are the requirements?
Be able to view video, take notes, and ask questions!
What am I going to get from this course?
Be part of America's hottest, fastest-growing startups: In this comprehensive 4-week boot camp, entrepreneurs and founders (like you) will learn how to create the next big-company – the next billion-dollar empire – while early-stage investors will get inside access to learn how to invest in the next big IPOs and future billion-dollar companies.
Mission: to help entrepreneurs and founders build the next billion-dollar companies, and to give investors early-access to invest in the next icons - Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates - and future IPOs.
Get inside access to the term sheets of the billion-dollar unicorn startups.
Be able to rank startups for your own understanding.
See into the hottest deal flow in American venture capital.
Understand financial statements, Profit/Loss, Balance Sheets, Profitability, and Cash Flow.
First-hand basics of UI/UX, Front-End Design, and Back-End Coding (Ruby, Python, Wordpress, and PHP)
Calculate startup valuations and ways you can get better deals.

What is the target audience?
Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Investors
Startup Founders
Company CEOs, COOs, and VPs
Anyone who wants to understand the Startup World and Investing

To Start Download Click Here:

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Kenrick Cleveland - The Dark Side of Hypnosis

Kenrick Cleveland - The Dark Side of Hypnosis
 42x MP3 audio + 21x MP4 video + 20x PDF
size: 7.78 GB

Discover How To Replace Someone’s Reasoning With Your Own…Without Any Argument, Persuasion Or Compromise

The Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis

“Is hypnosis dangerous? It can be. Under certain circumstances, it is dangerous in the extreme. It has even been known to lead to murder. Given the right combination of hypnotist and subject, hypnosis can be a lethal weapon.” George Estabrooks

Pushing Straight Through The Boundaries Of Everything You Thought Was Possible…

The Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis includes a full blown advanced hypnosis course. You will receive over 8 hours of video from a previous class I taught on advanced hypnosis. To make sure that you have the latest up to date information at your fingertips, I will be annotating each video…and you will have access to over 10 hours of Coaching calls recordings that will guarantee you will become an expert hypnotist by the end of this section.

And this 8+ hours of video and complete hypnosis training course are just the beginning…an added bonus… that I would normally sell separately for $695.

All Ways Delivers A Hi Level Of Value…

Kenrick always in all ways delivers a hi level of value If you want to learn what takes to be a magican of persuasion, say BY to your old way of doing things and END the insanity. Start TODAY your new begining. You’ll find by the end of the today studying with Kenrick how much of a impact he make with you like me!
Desmond, New Zealand
The real course will teach you how to take full control of someone else’s mind…overtly and covertly…turning them into your hypno-slave.

The program will be an advanced, hands-on coaching course spanning several months. The first 8 weeks will cover Module 1, Advanced Hypnosis training, in which you will receive a new section once a week. This will give you plenty of time to practice and integrate the material before continuing with the next section. Included with Module 1 is access to the four hours and thirty minutes of recorded calls from the precious group, learning session and feedback in the private community.

After you complete Module 1 (Advanced Hypnosis Training), you will receive a new module every other week. The course consists of 6 total modules, plus 1 bonus module and 2 Bonus expert audio interviews.

When you sign-up today…below are just a few of the amazing discoveries you will make…

Advanced Hypnosis (Module 1)

Although I am known for my teachings of “YES STRATEGIES” and my Dark Side programs…what most people don’t realize…is I have an extensive background in hypnosis (and Ericksonian Hypnosis).

I am a certified master hypnotist and hypno-therapist. I trained at length with Carole Erickson (Milton Erickson’s daughter) and Richard Bandler..and went on to assist in their trainings of others. I also trained with Dave Dobson and ran a hypnotherapy center along with…consulting for the highest grossing hypnotherapy centers in the world.

The videos you will be receiving when you sign-up for the Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis were…recorded as an additional segment offered to my students who participated in my past Master Practitioner NLP training program.

Inside these videos (over 8 hours) you will benefit from my 35+ years of experience…transforming you into a master hypnotist.

Even if you never intended to practice Hypnosis…this training will greatly improve your ability in receiving YES’s. It will give you the opportunity to expand your language skills, sensory acuity, story telling capabilities…and so much more.

* If you are not familiar with terms like embedded commands, double binds, presuppositions, as well as, different types of language patterns, this course is too advanced for you. You will be better served to partake in one of our other courses (such as Persuasion Factor) before joining this advanced program.

** The videos in module 1 are taken from an advanced training I did in the 1980’s…they are not professionally recorded.

Here are just a few of the things you will discover in the Advanced Hypnosis Training:

Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis (Modules 2-6 & Bonus Module)

You are about to embark on a ride so dark, so dangerous…you must first sign a waiver before joining this program (located on the checkout page) where…

You will discover the secrets behind taking control of someone else’s unconscious mind and…turning them into your very own puppet through hypnosis.

This program is not only going to test the boundaries, but push them further than we have ever explored before…giving you the upper-hand in everything that you do.

Just as I exposed the nastiest and most evil patterns known to man in my past Dark Side courses…this program will continue in that tradition…keeping my students’ best interest at heart…allowing you to protect yourself from evil-doers.

And when you sign-up today, you will be part of this incredible journey all the way down the rabbit hole…to its darkest and most dangerous places…that many wish would remain hidden.

Below is a brief outline of what we will experience together:

Just imagine how much power your words and actions will hold…after you finish this program. The possibilities are never ending when you apply the concepts found in the Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis…and speak directly to the unconscious mind.

Kenrick’s That Good…

Amazing course! Almost to the point, if not over in terms of information overload…but then again, you shouldn’t try to absorb everything in one sitting. You’ll need to review many times…Kenrick’s that good and packs so much into this course.
Karl, New Jersey
Your Bonus Bonanza

We’re pilling it on, like an over-stuffed NEW YORK cornbeef sandwich, and serving it up with only 1 goal in-mind…

Our juicy, prime, melt-in your mouth Bonuses will induce your prospects into salivating on your every word.

And because we wanted to ensure, by the time you completed the Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis…your words…will become more powerful then you ever imagined…

We are providing you…

3 additional language trainings
An advanced hypnosis program
Private forum access
Access to 10+ hours of recorded coaching calls (where the previous students of the program extracted one golden nugget after another from me). And if there is any question that I have answered, you can always ask in the private forum or during our 1-on-1 coaching call (if you are one of the first 20 people to act now and grab the 1-on-1 bonus).
(Totaling over $2006.97 value)…

Here is what we put together just for you:

Your Words Will Become Powerful Magic…

Seducing the Unconscious With embedded Commands…
…The most comprehensive lesson I have ever taught on the power of embedded commands in conversations and writing.

This lesson is so in-depth that it spanned 3 advanced coaching calls (over 2 hours and 45 minutes long). Included with the audio is a workbook, as well as, a bonus report on embedded Directives in Sales & Marketing.

My past private coaching club members paid over $1000 per month for this material, but now I’m making it available to you for only $99.99 FREE.

After you finish listening to this material, you will have countless examples on how to use and construct embedded commands. But, even more important, you will know how to conjure them up at will… to seduce the unconscious mind.

Here are a few things you are going to discover:

How to prime the brain to put your prospect in the right frame of mind…allowing your messages to sink deeply into the unconscious.
What you must know when using embedded commands in speaking vs. writing…this is rarely talked about and will make all the difference in how effective your commands are.
The easy technique that will place any of your commands on steroids.
The 5 things you must know to make your commands stand out and how to combine them for maximum power.
How to use embedded commands to change someone’s emotional state…just imagine how good you will feel once you can seed emotions straight into the unconscious.

The Persuasion Intensifier…

I am often asked, “Kenrick, what is the fastest way to increase my persuasion abilities?”

Which is usually followed by them wanting me to provide a “magic-bullet language pattern” that will persuade anyone and… if you have been following my material for any period of time, you know… there is no such thing.

The only way to become a Powerful Persuader is to master the fundamentals.

Verbal Pacing and Leading is one such building block you must master..


It serves as the framework that you will use to embedded all other language patterns (and persuasive language), intensifying their effects. This is truly one of those skills that is so powerful, but severely under-utilized.

Now you can receive…

Master Verbal Pacing and Leading for just $49.99 FREE…

And You Will Learn:

What is Verbal Pacing and Leading and why mastering this one skill will make you more persuasive instantly…Allowing all your messages to be accepted by the unconscious and conscious mind.
The secret to properly using “Truisms”…and avoiding the #1 mistake people make when using them as a pacing statement.
How to use the verbal pacing and leading format that will drop your prospects into an altered state…moving them from an external state to an internal one…Turning all your language into hypnotic language.
What is the “Unconscious Yes Set”…and why if you are still using the old fashion “Yes Set” taught in sales training programs, you are setting yourself up for failure.
How the T.V. show COPS uses the “No Set” to get citizens to willingly hand over their rights. Once you learn this concept, please use it responsibly!
Hear countless examples of how to construct proper pacing and leading statements.
Receive a state of the art Learning Session, allowing you to learn and implement this material easily and effortlessly…for FREE! ($99 value).
And much, much more…
As if that was not enough…

Here is what you will receive inside the Verbal Pacing and Leading – The Persuasion Intensifier Program Bonus for only $49.99 FREE.

57 minute recording taken from one of my previous coaching club calls. Past members of my coaching club paid thousands of dollars to be on these calls.
14 page PDF so you can follow along throughout the lesson.
Verbal Pacing and Leading Learning Session ($99 value). Also included is the Emotional State Conditioning Session that will intensify the effects of the Learning Session.

Attention: Do Not Use On People Operating Heavy Machinery Or Driving!


The #1 secret to becoming an expert using VAK and Unspecified language to instantly build rapport with your prospects.
How to use your VAK language to persuade a group…allowing your messages to embed deeply into their unconscious mind.
How to STOP your prospects from thinking for themselves…while they remain unaware that they are NOT totally in-control of their thoughts and actions.
Learn why you want to overlap into different representational systems (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Unspecified) and what to do if your prospect drops too deeply into trance. (Yes, that could be counter-productive to persuasion…)
And much, much more…

Please Use Responsibly – when combined with verbal pacing and leading, rhythmic speaking and embedded commands, your prospects will become programmed by your every word.

Here is what you will receive inside the Advanced Verbal Rapport – VAK Language Bonus for only $59.99 FREE…

2 hours of intense training taken from my previous coaching club calls. Members of my past coaching club paid thousands of dollars to participate on these calls.
PDF containing a list of Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Unspecified predicates.

WALK THE WALK! Not Just Talk the Talk
With access to the Dark Side of Covert Hypnosis private forum and over 10 hours of Live Coaching Calls Recordings…you will have every resource at your disposal…for your complete success with this material.

Delivering Everything It Promises And More!

This course deliver’s everything it promises and more.almost magically. I’m finding new powerful language slip into my sales presentations almost without thinking resulting in my last 2 sales months being my best ever.

Limited Time Bonus: 30 Minute 1-ON-1 Coaching with me Kenrick Cleveland ($397 Value)

Yeah, I get it.

You have questions about this material you don’t want associated with you…publicly…it’s completely understandable.

In this course, we do get down and dirty into some pretty racy subjects.


When you act fast and order now…

You will be one of only 20 students to reap the benefits from a private 30 minute coaching session with me…

Where nothing will be held back or off limits and our conversation will be completely confidential.

But only if you act now and…

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to discuss the Dark Side with me 1-ON-1…and truly learn what’s possible with these skills.

I think you will agree, this special offer for you is valued pack. I am handing you in a nicely wrapped package with everything you need to finally excel with these skills. In no time at all you will covertly or overtly putting people under your spell…giving you the ultimate advantage in getting everything you want in life!

And with me as your guide and coach… you are Guaranteed Success!

To Start Download Click Here:

K Alliance - Customer Service over the Telephone

K Alliance - Customer Service over the Telephone
 45x Videos (FLV) | 1.08 GB

When customers are happy and content then your business will flourish. Our Customer Service training course provides your staff with the essential tools that teach them how to properly deal with angry customers and how to keep your customers happy. For those that need a bit of extra help or are entirely new to the industry, we have our self-study Customer Service training videos that will teach you everything there is to know about proper customer service. The basis of any great business is great customer service since it plays a very critical role in keeping customers happy and having them come back. With our Customer Service training courses, you will learn form professional instructors in the field, who have years of experience. You will learn everything from in-depth Customer Service training videos. This soft skills training course will help you learn how to build your customer base tenfold.

To Start Download Click Here:

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Category: Leadership

Grant Cardone - The Closer's Survival Guide (3rd Edition Audiobook)

Learn to close and you will never be without work or without money!

The most powerful arsenal of closes ever! This audiobook over 120 Closes includes: 31 Money Closes, 17 Time Related Closes, 3 Pressure Closes, 3 Agreement Closes, 8 Decision Closes, and another 64 of the most creative closes you will ever find in one book! Financial "Closing" is the final step in the pursuit of ANY goal. This thing called closing is not just something that sales people do but something that applies to every person. Nothing truly happens until you are able to engender the support, energy and resources of others. As harsh as it may seem the close is what separates those who have from those who have from those who don't have. This critically and vital ability is what differentiates the dreamer from the exceptional individual that makes dreams come true.

The world is filled with people who have grand dreams of new products or ideas that will change the world that never become reality simply because the dreamer couldn't close others on supporting their dream. The world is abundant with grand ideas and big dreams and short on people who can close others on funding, supporting and getting behind them! It is the ability to close that makes a difference more than any other skill you will learn in life!

Grant Cardone's book, The Closer's Survival Guide, is not a theory of closing the deal, but exactly HOW to close the deal including the 20 major rules of closing and over 120 exact closes that you can use every day!

included: 2x MP3 
size: 118 MB

To Start Download Click Here

Category: Sales / Marketing

Georgi Tsvetanov - Visual Finance (ebook)

Georgi Tsvetanov - Visual Finance: The One Page Visual Model to Understand Financial Statements and Make Better Business Decisions (ebook)

Visual Finance is a powerful, simple tool that you can learn in just a couple of hours and easily apply to real life. Over the past five years, this model has been used in thousands of “finance for non-financial managers” training sessions in more than 30 countries. Now for the first time, it has finally been released in a paperback format.

Accounting is often perceived as being tedious, complicated, and too theoretical. Non-financial managers are less than enthusiastic about accounting. One possible cause is the way business schools teach it.

In a recent study only 46% of respondents had average or higher financial literacy and could understand financial statements.

Stop avoiding financial topics during team meetings. Save your company from making costly mistakes and start maximizing all your valuable opportunities.

Author: Georgi Tsvetanov
Publish Year: 2015
Number of pages: 180
eBook ISBN: 1518647456
Language: English
total Size: 12.6 MB

Download EPUB
Download MOBI
Download PDF

Category: Finance