The 100% Brain Course [Book – PDF]

ebook by Melvin D. Saunders

Many people think that the concept of using 100% of their brain is impossible to reach them. They think that using 2%, 5%, 10% or 20% of their brain is more common, and maybe they even wonder about how they use their brain? These same people use all ten fingers without thinking that one or two of them are normal Fingers, so why do they use their brains less than their fingers?

All other mammals use 100% of their brain, because we do not see brain and brain loss at age when we do not have blockages in the brain. Keep your animals healthy, nutritious and happy. They do not make war between themselves. They are faster than they do not need to use them. They are not deceitful
They change their time with mental pursuit. They are entrepreneurial and constructive, and they always have what they need to be in perfect harmony with their environment. So why do people think and act very differently from other species?

Humans live their life as a happy, entertaining, and cultivating child, but it is in itself incapable. As the child grows, he prefers. He begins to think for himself and learns to become a proven experience. As a child becomes an adult, maturity and corn should be monitored naturally. Mature must be eliminated Childish things and understand how to live happily as an adult. Unfortunately, in creating this transition from child to adult, many people create problems for themselves. They even stop trying to mature, catching in phonographs in unfavorable behaviors such as Freezer.

Religious references to the fight against good and evil represent the confusion that people are right about what’s wrong with life. Usually, when a person drowns in feelings of pleasure, anger, fear and lust, he finds his greatest difficulty in making every sense of the world. Things that are very basic are obtaining the necessary materials that will reinforce this. It seems that more money, more pleasure, more power and more are also scared with anger and more. We know the idea of ​​unconditional love, courage and persistence Happiness, but we do not know how we can get such an emotion when our lives are filled with morale. We lose awareness of our spiritual relationships and may feel unable to understand how to achieve harmony and harmony.
We use our brains thoroughly and comprehensively, it’s easier to reach the spiritual balance that we all want.

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