AbleTrend: Identifying and Analyzing Market Trends for Trading Success

“We all know that developing a stable trading system takes a lot of work. But how much is a lot of work? After reading AbleTrend, you will have an idea of how much time and commitment authors John and Grace Wang had to put into developing their trading system, AbleTrend. What you gain from reading this book is an understanding of the important elements that make a great trading system.” 

“This book does an excellent job in explaining the concepts and benefits of how and why trading systems and money management are vital for today’s investors. Do not miss reading the significance of and requirements for proper risk management, which is provided in these pages. This book gives innovative money management strategies and formulas which could certainly level the playing field for novice traders who are competing against high-profile money managers. This book not only will help all traders, but it could certainly bridge the gap to what may be the missing piece in any trader’s game plan.” 

“If you trade and want to learn the art and science behind an award-winning trading system, then this book is for you. John and Grace Wang provide an in-depth look into trend analysis, and they cover clearly defined rules for trading their system via AbleTrend scanning and charting software, powered by eSignal real-time data. This book offers valuable new insights on trend analysis that you will find useful.” 

AbleTrend shows me how to trade with precise accuracy and elegant simplicity. One additional very important thing: AbleTrend helps one to control one’s emotions and (often wrong) ‘gut’ feelings about the patterns. AbleTrend gives one confidence to enter and exit positions. AbleTrend gives one confidence to STAY IN a position.” 

“I have great confidence in AbleTrend to help my trading in the coming years.” 





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