Building Reliable Trading Systems by Keith Fitschen

Tradable Strategies That Perform As They Backtest and Meet Your Risk-Reward Goals

Traders have long been drawn to the idea of developing a reliable trading system. But before you embark on this journey, you must first have a realistic understanding of what a “tradable strategy” must encompass.

For more than twenty-five years, author Keith Fitschen—whose most popular system, Aberration, has been named “One of the Top Ten Trading Systems of All Time” by Futures Truth—has continuously developed and actively traded his proven systems. Now, he shares his extensive experience in this field with you.

Building Reliable Trading Systems skillfully describes the critical steps a trader needs to follow to excel in today’s dynamic markets. Along the way, Fitschen touches on exactly what it takes to build, test, and implement a profitable technical trading system. You’ll become familiar with everything from the dangers of curve-fitting to the importance of knowing your personal risk tolerance. You’ll also gain valuable insights on entries, exits, and trading filters; money management techniques for both large and small stock and commodity accounts; as well as advice on avoiding the influence of some misguided trading lore.

Written with the serious trader in mind, Building Reliable Trading Systems is an accessible guide to creating a system that will generate realistic returns over time.



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