Caitlin Bacher – The Fab Facebook Group System

Caitlin Bacher – The Fab Facebook Group System

includes an online course, live coaching, and yes…a Facebook group comes with it.

4 modules of worksheets, checklists, and templates
6 hours of videos walking you through each step of the system
24/7 Access to the VIP community
Access to monthly LIVE group coaching calls with Caitlin
Any bonuses specified on the sales page
Lifetime access to the course and community (including all future updates to the program at no extra charge)

You’ll learn to master stuff like…
1. Party Theme | Name and Hook
A great theme can transport your party from typical to UNFORGETTABLE. I’ll help you pick a memorable name and irresistible hook to help your Facebook attract the best party people! This will also allow you to narrow the focus of your group and define exactly what you want to do with your community!

2. Party Set Up | Easy Tech Setup
Don’t kill your party vibe with a bad sound system or crappy lighting. Don’t let the the techy nuts and bolts of scare you off from hosting your own Facebook group! I’ll walk you through all the steps in a way that even the biggest technophobe will understand.

3. Decorations | Branding
Decorations can really set the tone of the party and make the environment fun and inviting.I’ll help you develop the perfect brand for your group. We’ll go over all the graphic design elements that you need to decorate (brand) and attract more party animals.

4. Party Rules | Rules and Guidelines
Don’t let your party destroy your favorite rug! You need to have clear rules and guidelines in your Facebook group. These help define expectations and keep things civil and enjoyable for all! No filling the swimming pool with jello people!

5. Invitations | Marketing & Promotion
Get the people to your party! I’ll help you utilize all the best tools to invite the people to your group. We’ll go over list building, social media, and opt-in strategies. Learn how to attract the RIGHT people (no party-poopers) and lots of them! Let’s pack your party with peeps!

6. Activities & Games | Content Creation
Your guests need something to DO! A successful Facebook group needs GREAT CONTENT. I help you come up with a content creation strategy so it will be easy for you create content that you guests will EAT UP. No more staring at your cursor blink. Developing QUALITY content will be a SNAP. We’ll go over live streaming, daily prompt crafting, and blog strategy. Let’s kick this party into full gear!

7. Enjoying Your Own Party | Automation
You don’t just host parties to entertain your friends. You want to have fun too! I’ll teach you how to automate as much of the process as possible so you can actually ENJOY your group. No more spending unnecessary hours answering every post, thinking of content on the spot, or planning discussions. I’ll help save you time so you can spend your energy on what’s important (and fun)!

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