Mark Boardman: The Cold Calling Secret 2nd Edition [EPUB, PDF]

Mark Boardman: The Cold Calling Secret 2nd Edition [EPUB, PDF]

You are hours away from getting past gatekeepers, overcoming objections and making more sales!

What do the world’s most persuasive cold callers do that is different? Would you like to know?

The answer is that they do not cold call. They spend a little bit of time doing something else before they make the call to the decision maker….and it transforms a call from a cold one into a GREAT one.

Simple but powerful calling techniques revealed

Mark Boardman’s research into how the best sales performers do their jobs has uncovered some surprising NEW and ground-breaking cold calling techniques.

The GOOD NEWS is that the techniques are not complex or difficult to apply. You will see that they are just common sense ways of selling. The strange thing is, you will almost certainly NOT have heard or read about them before.

For example, persuasive cold callers spend about 5 minutes before a call getting some information that completely changes the way the call is structured. They use the information to get straight to the decision maker and then use powerful cold calling scripts that get results.

THE COLD CALLING SECRET reveals ALL the new cold calling techniques and cold calling scripts…and much more.

Here are a few of the sales techniques revealed in the book:

Objection Handling

You will learn how to easily overcome the following objections:

· Send some literature

· I’m not interested

· We’re very happy with our current supplier

· We don’t have any budget

· I haven’t got time right now


· You will be shown 5 techniques that will get all your voicemails returned.

Cold Calling Techniques

…applies to telesales AND field sales (outside sales)

· You will learn some clever telephone techniques that get you past the gatekeeper (screener) and straight through to the decision maker….every time!

· You will be shown a sales technique you can use to get decision makers interested in your product and keen to discuss it further.

Cold Calling Scripts

· You will get word for word cold calling scripts that you can easily adapt to use on your own sales calls.

· You will even get the exact scripts to use when you get an objection.

Sales Lead Generation

· As a bonus you will be shown 14 very effective sales lead generation techniques.

About the author

I have been selling for a living my whole life, but it was only when I ran my own business and became a ‘buyer’ that I became aware of the sales techniques contained in this book. Since then I have helped many telesales people, field (outside) salespeople, sales managers and business owners rid themselves of the toils of cold calling. I really hope I can do the same for you with this book, and you can start to enjoy selling again.

Stop stressing, start earning and become a happier salesperson. Scroll up & click the buy button today!

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