Cryptotrading Pro by Alan Norman

Trade for a Living with Time-tested Strategies, Tools and Risk Management Techniques

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This is the best book I’ve at any point perused.Trust me I read many exchanging books and I have never perused book where there were so much reasonable issues from genuine life.Instructions to take benefit effectively how to set your stop misfortunes distinctive mixes of pointers.That book resembles a Bible you would peruse it numerous and ordinarily over and over.

This is awesome book for someone like me who has benn a novice in the cryptocurrency world. Some of the concepts were a little bit hard for a persone like me to understand and I had to read the info several times. Thanks to the author, now, I can trully say that I’m no longer a complete novice when it comes to cryptocurrencies. I still left to learn much info from the book but I’m confident that I will get better and better at this. Thank you so much for all that you do to help others.

I’m novice in cryptotrading but the book gave me great advices

I’m happy I got this book. The author has a wealth of knowledge and is right on the money regarding mass psychology on the cryptocurrency market. Now I understand what are technical, computer and fundamental analysis, I got many pro tools which Alan uses himself in his trading. Also I was wondered of his approach of teaching the reader. He gives different ways of analysis: how a usual trader does it, how whales do the same… It really changes your trading psychology… I’ve never met that info in other books or publicly in the internet. Highly recommend.


This book will show you the fastest and most profitable cryptocurrency earnings tool in 2019.

It requires almost no investment and makes a profit, even when the market falls.

There are dozens of ways to make money on cryptocurrencies and new ones appear almost every day:

  • Mining
  • Investment
  • Ico
  • Equipment sale
  • Counseling
  • Creation of crypto startups

But there is one tool that stands out among the rest.
It allows even a novice to quickly “enter”  into the cryptocurrency market and start earning with little or no investment – this is Cryptotrading.

“Forget everything you knew or heard about trading. With the advent of cryptocurrency era, the rules of the game have changed a lot. And only those who quickly adapt to the new trend will work. ”

How did cryptocurrencies change the rules of the game in trading?
1. Deals have become more profitable
Despite the fact that cryptocurrency does not grow temporarily, the profits from the transactions on them are still very large
2. There is almost no competition
Every 3rd person is now afraid of cryptocurrency and does not trust them. So much the better for brave traders who do not feel the competition.
3. Trading strategies have become easier
Due to the fact that cryptocurrency exchanges are at an early stage of development, complex trading strategies have faded away
4. Entry threshold decreased
New trading technologies make cryptotrading opened for everyone and allow you to start with minimal investments.

After reading the book you will learn:

  • Why active cryptocurrency trading is now almost the best way to make money
  • Step-by-step plan of how to develop further in order to make a profit in a month, in six months, and in a year
  • A specific trading strategy when to buy and when to sell in order to make a profit
  • Why do simple methods work in cryptocurrency trading, whereas on classical exchanges they stopped working
  • Key rules on how to earn a lot in cryptotrading, even if you are the first day on the stock exchange
  • Resources that help to understand the cryptotrading and give tips on when to buy / sell

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