The Day Trader’s Survival Guide by Christopher A. Farrell

Day Trader's Survival Guide


The Day Trader’s Survival Guide: How to be Consistently Profitable in the Short-Term Markets by Christopher A. Farrell

With fortunes made – and lost – in the blink of an eye, online day trading has become the modem equivalent of the California Gold Rush. And, like so many of the intrepid but unprepared souls who set out on the trail West, most beginning day traders are woefully ill-equipped for the challenges they will encounter. As a highly successful hedge fund manager, author Christopher Farrell has the experience to help readers make sense of this exciting but volatile arena. He instils a deep understanding of day trading as intellectual combat, pitting investors against institutions and each other on an electronic battlefield. Clearly and thoroughly, Farrell maps out the dangers, providing solutions and revealing dozens of insider secrets for coming out on top, allowing anyone to become a more successful day trader.

Number Of Pages 236 pages
Language English
Publication Year 2000
download Format PDF
Size 38 MB

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