Hello dear member ,

Downloading from this website is free with your premium subscription so don’t miss out and make the most out of your premium subscription by following the guide below to gain access to the Archive Passwords, so please follow the 5 easy steps below to acquire your Password.

Note that you pay once for a premium account of host and get benefits of downloading from all of our posts with full speed. please do step by step so that we can verify your account.

Step 1

Make sure your referrer is “rich-business.com” by clicking on This Link & Turn off any proxy (use your local IP)

Step 2

Click on This Link or any other Novafile link from our website posts (rich-business.com) so that we can verify you

Step 3

Choose your Premium Plan below the Novafile download page and buy your favorite account (it’s simple & easy)

Step 4

After purchase and becoming premium you should go back and download the same file from the link at step 2

Step 5 (This is the last step)

Now fill out all the information in the following Form below and we will get back to you with the password of this month and all the previous months’ Archives! the info would be send by email. this email address doesn’t have to be your Novafile Email , it can be ANY email address just to send you passwords or links!

your Novafile Username ID is at profile page , see screenshot below:

Copy this Number & paste in the Form below


  • we change the archive passwords of posts once per month, so every new month we have a new password for example for January=1234 & February=5678
  • If you’ve previously purchased premium account from our links and it’s still active but you don’t know the Archive Password of new month just fill out the form above again and choose “Yes” at the last field

* All archives can be extracted with Winrar (Windows OS) and Entropy (Mac OSX) or any similar program.