Heikin Ashi Trader – Swing Trading Using the 4-Hour Chart 1: Part 1: Introduction to Swing Trading

Part 1: Introduction to Swing Trading

Swing trading is too fast for investors and too slow for day traders. It takes place on a timeframe in which you will find very few professionals traders.

Swing traders usually use 4-hour charts. This period falls exactly between that of the investor and the day trader. As a swing trader, you are prone to sit on the fence, and that’s good, because here you are almost alone.

This eBook describes the swing trading method of the HeikinAshi Trader. It is ideal for individual investors who do not want to sit all day in front of the computer screen.


1. Why Swing Trading?
2. Why should you trade using the 4-hour chart?
3. Which markets are suitable for swing trading?
4. What instruments you can swing trade?
5. Swing Trading Setups
A. Support and Resistance
B. double top and double bottom
C. breakouts
D. flags and pennants
6. Money Management
7. Why you need a Trading Diary
8. What is it all about?
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This is actually a very good book. I have been swing trading for some time now and only recently started trading with ETF’s as opposed to individual stocks and what a difference! This book essentially describes in detail exactly what I have been learning through trial and error. For example when trading index ETF’s, you only need to monitor the general direction of the index before taking a position. The daily charts are too course to get a good bead on the direction and the 15 minute are way to granular. The 4 hour charts are perfect. Check it out. It’s worth a read!

  • Series: Swing Trading Using the 4-Hour Chart (Book 1)
  • Paperback: 68 pages
  • Publish date (July 11, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1535218428
  • Format: PDF + EPUB

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