How Leaders Improve by John Gates,‎ Jeff Graddy,‎ Sacha Lindekens

How Leaders Improve


How Leaders Improve: A Playbook for Leaders Who Want to Get Better Now by John Gates,‎ Jeff Graddy,‎ Sacha Lindekens

Written by a team of highly experienced and successful executive leadership consultants, this book offers 10 data-driven insights regarding leadership effectiveness, accompanied by practical and easy-to-implement recommendations that directly serve the development of leadership ability.

• Provides insights based on a sample of leaders who improved significantly over time, supplying findings that are based on actual research, not just opinion or anecdotal “evidence”
• Offers practical and applicable recommendations for how individual leaders, organizations, and coaches/managers can apply the 10 insights shared in the book
• Provides a novel framework for determining and assessing who is “ripe” for a leadership development opportunity (the RIPEN model), an effective way for individuals or organizations to determine in which leadership candidates to invest precious development resources
• Supplies strategies for enhancing one’s ripeness for a leadership development opportunity

ebook 2017
ISBN 1440860572
193 pages
format EPUB
size 5,2 MB

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