The Modern Trader by Sean Hendelman, Scott Redler, T3 Live

The Modern Trader: Wall Street Traders Reveal Their Formula for Success by Sean Hendelman, Scott Redler, T3 Live


The Modern Trader: Wall Street Traders Reveal Their Formula for Success by Sean Hendelman, Scott Redler, T3 Live

Today’s financial markets are unlike any other economic environment in history. From the highs of the dot-com era to the lows of the “Great Recession,” unprecedented events have led to the explosive boom and bust periods of the last 20 years. Combined with ever-advancing technology and access to a non-stop stream of information, it’s clear that making money in the markets today requires a new kind of trader.
Meet a group of these new traders, who have defied the odds in an industry where only a small percent make it past their first year—or their first blowout. Learn how they came together to have their most successful year ever in the midst of the greatest financial crisis of their generation.

Their improbable and inspiring stories illustrate the highly adaptable nature of the Modern Trader:
• Sean, who gave up the comfort of a highly successful corporate career to chase his dreams – and continues to always look for the next big opportunity…

• Marc, the natural talent who made back one day’s six-figure loss in just three days of trading and never looked back, forging a highly successful trading career…

• Scott, the dedicated Iron Man competitor who represents the firm with his expert analysis on CNBC and other national financial media…

• Evan, the skilled technical analyst who shares his talents by training and educating the next generation of professionals, and…

• Nadav, who emigrated alone at age 18 from South Africa to the United States, and through hard work and a positive mindset is truly living the American Dream.

After joining forces, they are now leading a revolution in trading education. This book is a rare opportunity to gain insight from the lessons learned along the trading journey of true professionals. And there is a lot to learn from these pros; online tips, videos, and other extras will help you get the most out of the lessons they share in The Modern Trader.

Their stories will inspire you to achieve financial success on your own terms, and their lessons will equip you with the powerful tools you need to go out and conquer today’s markets.

Money can often inspire the most extreme of human emotions. Greed, fear, despair, exuberance. Over the course of their careers in finance, the founders of T3 Live have experienced them all.

But the most powerful feeling is that of being in control; one that each man was able to achieve through active trading. In this book, the partners who built a revolution in trading education share their personal stories and lessons to show you how to harness the power of active trading and put yourself in control of your financial future.

From humble beginnings and through a lot of hard work, Sean, Marc, Scott, Evan, and Nadav have found success and reached many of their dreams. Through their work at T3 Live and this book, they offer not only education and training, but unique insight into what it takes to reach consistent profitability as a trader in today’s markets and beyond.

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