Eben Pagan – Platinum Marketing Summit 2017

Eben Pagan – Platinum Marketing Summit 2017

“The Cutting Edge Method Discovered,At The Eben Pagan Platinum Conversion Summit, For How To Convert More Prospects And Turn Them Into Your Customers Who Like & Trust You Enough To Enjoy Putting A Crap Load OF Money Into Your Bank Account In Exchange For Your Service or Expertise”

And This May Very Well Be The Best Part: Everything I Learned In This Course Is Served To You Quickly, Easily, And Inexpensively…

You Will Learn:

– Your Prospect Behaves Like a Chimp? Yep. Discover the three behavior traits chimpanzees and your prospects share that allows you to talk to them in a way that allows them to hear what you have to say, knowing and trusting, you, are the head chimp in charge they need to give their money to so that they can have their problem solved or greatest desire met

– The single best prospect you could ever find is NOT just experiencing pain and urgency or irrational passion. They are also L_F_A_S!!! Figure out this Wheel of Fortune answer in these notes and youll be well on your way to crushing your competition who are always Trying to talk people into stuff and humping the leg of the least receptive prospect possible

– Your Businesss Financial Health: How only selling products and services that are worth waaaay more, preferably 10x, than the money youre charging them will keep the Dr. repo man away from your shiny car and why you shouldnt be in a business where you cant clearly demonstrate this is the true for your offer THEN, see exactly how to explain this to your prospect so that it makes perfect sense to them

– What is THE Most Important Piece of Your Conversion Process? Dont know? As youre looking at, and easing through the Prospect/Product Connection Exercise, youll be figuring this out for yourself so that you NEVER end up giving your prospects the creepy feeling that youre marketing like a pathetic loser. You dont figure this out, NO amount of fancy marketing will fix the problems you have

– REVELATION: We only do things in reality that we first imagine ourselves doing inside of our mind. So the answer to question of What info do I need to give to my prospect, how do I need to communicate with them, so theyre imagining buying and using my product and service in their mind? will be revealed to you in pin-point precise detail

– Why not that many people want what you sell and what they want instead: When you get to this section of the notes youre possibly gonna shit yourself when the common sense part of your mind sees how important this is and how youve been COMPLETELY neglecting it the WHOLE time youve ever your sold products or services online. The good news is, you fix this in your presentation of your product and service and youre no longer in the dark but your competitors are! Muahahahahaha!!!

Session 1: Principles, Mindsets & Exercises
Session 2: Customer Needs
Session 3: Power Words
Session 4: Bryan Franklin
Session 5: Separating Ideas Into Simple & Understandable Mental Chunks

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