The Power of The To-Do List: How to Achieve Your Goals Faster


The Power of The To-Do List: How to Achieve Your Goals Faster by Alexander Tait

LEARN How to Get the Most out of Your To-Do List

Do you currently write to-do lists, but still feel like you’re no closer to achieving your goals?
Everyone knows how to write a to-do list, but not everyone knows how to write an effective one.
With reference to scientific research on goal pursuit, “The Power of The To-Do List” provides a range of methods for how you can write better to-do lists. Ones where the tasks get done and directly relate to your goals.

Here are some of the Things You’ll Learn in this Book:
How to Set Goals
How to Write Tasks as Implementation Intentions
How to Write Effective Sub-tasks
The Benefits of Linking Sub-tasks
The Difference Between Goal-oriented Tasks and Maintenance Tasks – and Why It Matters
Important Attributes to Include on Your To-Do Lists
How to Prioritize Tasks Effectively
How to Monitor your Progress
How to Review and Analyze To-Do Lists
The Best Ways to Maintain Consistency
When to Delegate Tasks
The Importance of Pacing Yourself
How to Utilize Anticipated Regret and Address Psychological Factors

ebook 2017
Print Length: 46 pages
format EPUB
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