JP Schoeffel – PPV Riches: Pay Per View Advertising Guidebook [PDF]

JP Schoeffel – PPV Riches: Pay Per View Advertising Guidebook [PDF]

“Stop the guessing work. Stop messing around. Stop loosing money! In less than 10 minutes you Too could be Driving laser-Targeted hordes of hungry buyers to any website, without any specific skill , on a shoestring budget!”

Keep Reading to Learn How You Can Take Advantage of This Nearly “Hands Free” Operation that Rakes In the Cash 24/7!

Here’s a Closer Look at What You’ll Learn:
Exactly What Kind of Users Are Participating? (p. 11) – One PPV network boasts over 20 MILLION USERS! Find out what sort of people your offers will be attracting, how to target your ads to be laser focused in reaching them, and how to “test the waters” with a small pay per view campaign before you launch into full-scale advertising.

How to Buy Keywords for a Penny Each! (p. 15) – If you remember the “good old days” of Google Adwords advertising, you’ll remember that competition was extremely low and returns were very good. PPV is truly “uncharted waters” when it comes to putting your offer, landing page or ad out there in front of millions of eyeballs! And unlike PPC bidding wars, you can get started buying lucrative keywords in PPV for as low as a penny per view!

bullet Which PPV Companies Should You Join? (p. 21) – There are lots of reputable PPV companies out there, and the Pay Per View Advertising Guidebook lists the best, along with pros and cons to consider before you sign up.

bullet What to Watch Out For when Using PPV (p. 24) – Are there any reasons why you shouldn’t use pay per view marketing? Much of the answers will depend on not just your personal preferences, but understanding how other people think, and how they get what they want. Don’t miss this section, as it could completely blow everything you think you know about your average user – right out of the water.

bullet How to Blend PPV Advertising with CPA Offers (p. 33) – CPA stands for cost-per-action, and involves you getting paid whenever users perform an action, such as filling out a form or requesting a free sample. CPA offers perform very well on PPV networks when you tailor your campaign to the right audience.

bullet What to Know Before You Sign Up with a CPA Network (p. 36) – Don’t ruin your chances of making money before you get started! I’ll show you exactly what to look for when choosing a CPA network and how to know if they’ll accept PPV-style advertising (or not!)

bullet How to Test Your Offers for the Highest Conversion Rates (p. 38) – Using PPV, you can (and should!) test multiple offers simultaneously. But there’s an inherent danger in what information you use. That’s why I’ll show you two terrific ways to keep your testing details safe from prying eyes while your campaigns continue to flourish.

bullet Should You Market Affiliate Products to Your Audience? (p. 43) – There are two major reasons to consider marketing affiliate products instead of CPA offers. Not knowing this could cause your PPV marketing plan to backfire!

bullet How to Build a “Smart” Landing Page (p. 48). The good news is – you don’t have to worry about your site’s ranking or “quality score” the way you do with PPC marketing. But there are several important considerations to keep in mind with your landing page that you ordinarily wouldn’t give a second thought about. For example, did you know that playing an automatic audio on your website could get you banned from PPV marketing? Find out what else you’re missing before you sabotage your landing pages!

bullet What are the most fundamental elements of a profitable PPV campaign? (p.54) Research is probably the most critical component of any PPV campaign building process. In this section we cover all the tools and resources to use to build a profitable PPV campaign

bullet The different approaches to reach your target using PPV traffic. (p. 59)It’s fundamental to understand how to reach your audience and how to make them read your offers. We’ll reveal you how to do so in this important pages!

bullet How to track, test and perfect your campaigns? (p.68) If you want to succeed online, and especially with PPV technics, you need to understand which keywords are converting and which are loosing you money. Learn how to track the gold gems and to discard the loosers to build winning campaigns!

bullet How to budget your campaign and manage your money? (p.72) It goes without saying that you need to manage your money in order to run a successful campaign. Here are the traps to avoid and the tips to make money management something funny.

bullet What targeting is finally all about? (p.80) The more you create campaigns the more you will notice some trends in your targets. This part will help you understand and read your targets in a powerful way. This section should help you generate laser focused traffic to any website and to any offer!

bullet The big tricks to scale your campaigns up!

bullet … and much, MUCH more!

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