The Psychology of Risk: Mastering Market Uncertainty

Mastering Market Uncertainty

In The Psychology of Risk: Mastering Market Uncertainty, renowned psychiatrist and trading coach Ari Kiev builds on his internationally acclaimed books Trading to Win and Trading in the Zone to explore the psychology behind risk and trading. By focusing on your appetite for risk-taking, your ability to manage and adapt to risk, and your pathological patterns of risk-taking, Kiev shows you how to overcome the psychological obstacles of risk that undermine your decision-making process and ability to cut losing trades and stick with winners.

With the help of numerous trading case studies, Kiev outlines a risk management program that bridges the gap between investor psychology and quantitative risk management techniques. Filled with expert advice and examples of real market situations, The Psychology of Risk allows you to take action in the face of uncertainty and unpredictability by addressing issues such as:
* Risk and the trading approaches you need to deal with it
* Psychological techniques that will help you trade independently of emotions: excitement, anger, fear, and stress
* Handling problematic behaviors such as perfectionism, decision paralysis, hoarding, and impulsiveness
* Handling failure and success
* Using the tools of coaching, teamwork, and system building to overcome obstacles

Risk taking does not mean living dangerously; it shows a willingness to act beyond the circle of what you already know. In breaking from the natural inclination to “avoid risk at all costs,” you will begin to see risk in a new light-certainly not always as a negative force. The step-by-step approach presented in The Psychology of Risk will provide you with a new and stimulating perspective on risk, which will enhance your trading success and increase your profits.

Within this book lies a good deal of the core tenets that are required to successful take risk. The authors unravel those complex motivations that unfold for a trader in split seconds. Most of the time unconsciously & shows where many of us go wrong. If you’re ready to ask yourself tough questions or more importantly are ready for a trading breakthrough then this book can guide you along that path. You’re either open to what he’s saying or you’re not.
Working with this text, I can see the unlimited opportunity for growth that it offers.

  • Hardcover: 256 pages
  • Published: 1 edition (March 15, 2002)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0471403873
  • Download Format: PDF

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