The Art of Persuasion Book by Andrzej Batko

The Art of Persuasion book: The Language of Influence and Manipulation by Andrzej Batko


The Art of Persuasion book: The Language of Influence and Manipulation by Andrzej Batko

Those who know the secrets of the subconscious language are capable of convincing others of almost anything, sell any product and effectively negotiate the terms of any contract. The common statement that the ability to effectively convince others is a gift with which one has to be born is not true. Effective communication and persuasion is a science and art which may be mastered by anyone. The techniques described in this book may give you enormous power over the minds, feelings and behavior of other people.
By reading it, you will learn how important the choice of words and formulating sentences is. You will see for yourself that there exists a second, unknown language, used by your subconsciousness and by those who influence it. You will learn not only to effectively do the same but you will also start noticing the manipulations of others.

Andrzej Batko—psychologist, NLP and business trainer with many years of professional experience in Canada and USA. He is known in the narrow specialist circles as an expert who teaches the the newest techniques of influencing people. He is the co-author of a “secret” book for politicians on the subject of the language of persuasion. His services are used by those who have already realized how important the ability to unnoticeably influence the thoughts, emotions and behaviors of others in business is. He is one of the few psychologists who combine and use the newest scientific discoveries in psychology to generate profits in business.

Andrzej Batko is not only the finest NLP trainer in Poland, he is one of the finest in the world. His knowledge of human behavior, what works and what doesn’t, and most importantly, his ability to transfer this information to the student is rarely seen.

book 2017
ISBN 1520723105
97 Pages
format EPUB
size 163 Kb

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