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Michael J. Lavery – Whole Brain Power [88 MP3, 13 DOC, 49 PDF]

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An Advanced Training To Whole Brain Power Coaching For The Intermediate To Advances Student

            This is the closest thing to having Michael J. Lavery coach you in person


Advanced Insider Information.

Having Michael J. Lavery’s Whole Brain Power book and being instructed on how to do the exercises of the Whole Brain Power Workbook and Progress Journal are wonderful tools in themselves.  However, there is no replacement to having direct access to Lavery in the form of detailed audio explanations of the many facets of Whole Brain Power.

Your advanced WBP coaching will be the closest thing to having Michael J. Lavery in person helping you learn and benefit from the “insider secrets” of his brain training system.  It would be virtually impossible to share within the confines of his Whole Brain Power book the findings that he has accumulated over a lifetime of research.  The unabridged theory of Whole Brain Power would demand at least 2500 pages in a series of books.

You having personal access to Lavery can make all the difference in the world in comprehending the complexities of the brain.  You will be enlightened by the information provided enabling you to understand one of the greatest mysteries in the known universe, that being the working mechanics of the human brain and how to tap into its full potential.

Instead, we are providing this information in the form of intimate audio interviews, video demonstrations and detailed explanations on all of the aspects of the Whole Brain Power system as though you are being trained in a personal setting one on one with Coach Lavery.

That is why we are inspiring you to take the next step.

By having the complete package of materials which include the WBP books, the audio explanations and the video demonstrations, you will experience tremendous gains in the three major tenants of Whole Brain Power in the fastest time possible.

A benefit for Whole Brain Power students who have access to all of the “Advanced Secrets” to Whole Brain Power is that they do not misinterpret the information and implement their own system to only moderate success.  As you receive personal instruction and execute the WBP system the proper way your learning rate accelerates especially because of the access to the audio and video demonstrations provided by Coach Lavery.

The last thing that we want for you to do is invest wasted hours with ineffective training. Some practitioners believe that they are executing the tenants of Whole Brain Power effectively, but this is often not the reality.

We will make sure that you are accessing the key ingredients for having immediate benefits in all of the aspects of your Whole Brain Power journey.

By having Coach Michael J. Lavery as your personal mentor in addition to the Whole Brain Power book and the WBP Workbook, you will be able to stay the course and become one of our top Whole Brain Power All Stars.

Michael J. Lavery and Michael Senoff have teamed up to produce and record many hours of information that will help you assimilate these materials on the mechanics of how the brain can be trained and its potential to be harnessed.

You are getting over 25 years of Lavery’s experience and expertise about the “Advanced Secrets” of Whole Brain Power Coaching in these informative audio explanations and interviews.  The exciting part is that you will be regularly inspired and motivated by the new materials provided throughout the year.

This will allow you to have access to a constant steam of new information in regards to audio interviews and video demonstrations explaining all of the subtleties of Lavery’s system.  This will empower you to understand, practice and perfect the WBP program.

Ask yourself this very fundamental question.  How much is your brain worth or that of a loved one or a family member or friend?  We believe that this could be the greatest investment that you could ever make in your future.

Once you have decided to order your Advanced Secrets to Whole Brain Power and once we receive your payment you’ll be given directions to proceed.

You will immediately have direct access to start listening to your “Advanced Secrets” of Whole Brain Power Coaching and you will be sent a confidential profile to set up your 80 minute call with Coach Michael J. Lavery.

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