Jason Bond Trading DVDs (4 Programs in 1 Pack)

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Jason Bond Trading DVDs (4 Programs in 1 Pack) | 11.2 GB

Here What You’ll Get:

1-Stock Options Explained with Jeff Bishop
From Beginner to Intermediate in 4 weeks. Jeff Bishop is a member of mensa and uses his decades of trading experience to teach and alert options in the Millionaire Roadmap. Jeff also LIVE streams his real-money TD Ameritrade options portfolio to Millionaire Roadmap clients daily.

2-The Basics of Swing Trading
Jason spent $70,000 in tuition over 6 years in college plus loss of income for a Masters in Education to teach in NYS public schools. Hired immediately out of college he made $429,804 from 2001 – 2011 teaching. Over the 16 years he averaged $22,500. After leaving teaching in 2011 he recorded this 8 hour instructional course with 12 concise lessons. Following the lessons he’s now made over $500,000 in trading profits in 4 years while teaching thousands of clients his strategy. That’s $125,000 yearly compared to $22,500. Buy this DVD and take control of your future just like Jason did.

3-The House Always Wins
Trading options is a lot like playing cards. If you’re playing Blackjack at a casino, would you rather be the HOUSE or the GAMBLER? Over the long run, you really want to be the house, right? Let me show you how.

4-How To Trade Like a Pro, Not a Hobby
In the first 3 months of 2016 Jason’s made 110% +$110,000 swing trading part time. That’s more money in 3 MONTHS than he made teaching in his first 3 YEARS. Let Jason show you how to get ahead in trading and in life.

To Start Download Click Here:

https://novafile.com/cyb0llh1ky7o/JB.Dvds.4.programs.part01.rar https://novafile.com/uctug2ox971p/JB.Dvds.4.programs.part02.rar https://novafile.com/csjpr8oy4hc1/JB.Dvds.4.programs.part03.rar https://novafile.com/1z8a106hm6ou/JB.Dvds.4.programs.part04.rar https://novafile.com/zgu6qx4sfh83/JB.Dvds.4.programs.part05.rar https://novafile.com/n0s6mu7m8dfk/JB.Dvds.4.programs.part06.rar https://novafile.com/86pb674ofyat/JB.Dvds.4.programs.part07.rar https://novafile.com/o9o5wzfd576p/JB.Dvds.4.programs.part08.rar https://novafile.com/0d6vorqnn8ap/JB.Dvds.4.programs.part09.rar https://novafile.com/icf1mr4ic126/JB.Dvds.4.programs.part10.rar https://novafile.com/by616ib2r6pg/JB.Dvds.4.programs.part11.rar https://novafile.com/p7fmt76x00t9/JB.Dvds.4.programs.part12.rar

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